Next Health Solutions is an authorized distributor for AERUS Air and Surface Pro air purification device. This device contains ActivePure technology. ActivePure is the most powerful Air and Surface Sanitizing Technology ever discovered.

Units with ActivePure Technology pull free oxygen and water molecules in the air through ActivePure’s patented honeycomb matrix. The technology creates powerful oxidizers, known as ActivePure Molecules, that are then released back into the room, where they seek and destroy DNA and RNA viruses including SARS-CoV-2 (novel coronavirus), Swine Flu (H1N1), Avian Bird Flu (H5N8), Hepatitis A (HAV) and MS2 bacteriophage, regardless of their size, on surfaces and in the air.

FDA-Compliant laboratory.

% Reductions measured incrementally over natural degradation of SARS-CoV-2. Outside of control group - over 99.9% reduction of SARS-CoV-2.

Average Percent SARS-CoV-2 Reduction on Surfaces

3 Hours 93.27% Reduction

6 Hours 97.95% Reduction

7 Hours 99.98% Reduction

The test results from an FDA-compliant, independent third-party lab proved that ActivePure Technology kills 99.98% of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) on surfaces after 7 hours. ActivePure Technology is the main component of the Air and Surface Pro Sanitizer.

TODAY... EVERYONE IS CONCERNED about viruses, bacteria, molds, allergens, VOCs, and other contaminants.

Now with ActivePure, you can eliminate these and other harmful pathogens in the air and on surfaces in

your home, businesses, and schools. For example, we have installed nearly 200 units into the South Texas School systems with great results.

This technology was first developed by NASA for the International Space Station. Like schools, businesses and homes, the inhabitants, i.e. Astronauts, polluted the environment. The solution was much more than a HEPA filter or UV light. These things sound good but they can only sanitize what gets to the filter or UV light. With UV light the contamination must be close to the UVC light for an extended period of time to be successful. These solutions work, but for only a tiny percent of the contaminants.

ActivePure is different. Our technology creates the solution inside the technology and sends it through the facility at 1200 feet per second creating up to 99.9999% destruction of the challenge like viruses, bacteria and mold in only 1 hour! ActivePure is the only Hall of Fame Certified Space Technology that works continuously to clean and protect air and surfaces 24 hours a day. ActivePure has improved the quality of life for millions; it can improve yours and those you care about. It’s a game changer.

Here are two videos that will give you a good start

towards understanding what we can do for you and your clients. Scientific Proof Documents:

The Scientific Proof documents will expand on this.

2-min. video:

4-min. video:

• Scientific proof chart one

Scientific proof chart two

Scientific proof chart three

Scientific proof chart four

• Scientific proof final charts

Air Research Testing Charts

Test Results for inactivation of L pneumophilia (Fresh Air)

With ActivePure, each school, home or business will receive a Corona Window Sticker, attached, to let guests, parents and students know they are protected and that you care about their safety and peace of mind. Further, if your facilities have TV monitors, we can help you install the two-minute video for even more piece of mind. Note, because this is so advanced and does not use filters or chemicals, you have no monthly ongoing cost. I can provide you with excellent price quotes based on your needs. I have provided bulk discounts that schools have found a great value.

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