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About Next Health Solutions

Next Health Solutions is a "proven" medical supply wholesale distributor. We launched our medical supply company with the vision of aiding and assisting our country in the fight against the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus. It is our intention to provide the best possible PROVEN medical solutions with current FDA approvals and notifications. Located ideally in the center of the Unites States we are able to ship to your location on a moments notice. When considering COVID 19 necessary supplies I strongly urge a careful review of Next Health Solutions and their array of experience .

Providing you with the best COVID 19 solutions possible!


We have access to a wide range of global assets with FDA approved rapid testing kits to detect a patients possible coronavirus infection.

Protective Face Covers

We have large quantities of  FDA approved N95 MASKS recommended by The Center for Disease Control (CDC) We have sufficient quantities available for your companies needs.

COVID 19 STERILIZATION (new) We have the newly patented Hydro-Air Washers which have a proven 99.9% effectiveness in cleaning areas free of the COVID 19 Virus.

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